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I was feeling pure hopelessness and burnout about my love life when I first started coaching with Laurie and the Abundant Love program.

It felt like Groundhog Day (except for years instead of days) where I was constantly "trying" to attract a romantic relationship, but the same problems kept showing up in slightly different and frustrating versions.

Now, I feel much more calm, clear, and confident in what I need and want in a man.

I'd been looking for who wanted ME, but now I am looking for the man who is to become my best friend, companion, and lover. I learned how to best Connect and Communicate in order to be authentic with my life partner.

Since then, I updated my dating profile with Laurie's masterclass method and I met a man on Bumble who positively raved about all the little details I stressed about posting in my profile. And most importantly, we are now happily dating. 

I'm open to whatever happens next in our relationship instead of forcing a storybook happy ending. 




"I used to pick all the same people online. It wasn't working. Coaching helped me do what you're supposed to do in a relationship, which is feel more than think. Now I'm in a relationship and we've been together for two years now!"

-sara. seattle, wa.

" I've uncovered love for myself that has been buried deep inside. Coaching with Laurie is so much more than a "how to" on how to find the right guy. It's about finding the love within yourself, too."

- Nancy. Chicago, IL.

"My confidence has increased. I've met men who accepted me as I am, at the weight I am. And I'm having fun dating. I no longer feel like I'm stuck in the dating process."

-Jillian. Leesburg, VA.


"Before I met Laurie, I was really discouraged with dating and being able to find someone who could truly love me. 

I struggled with comparisons and seeing other girls get these great guys, and I often feared that I wasn't good enough.  I think I was so focused on having certain qualities in my great guy that I didn't realize that I was creating these limiting beliefs that actually prevented me from meeting the perfect guy for me. I was so selective in who I would let in. 

After working with Laurie, I was able to break down the walls I had created. I gave those "maybes" a fighting chance. 

A few months later, I met my perfect "maybe" that has been incredibly kind and generous to both me and my family.  It's funny to think that if I kept all my strict rules about who my perfect guy would be, I never would have met him. 

We've been dating for a few months now and continue to be going strong. " 

- Jade. Seattle, WA. 

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"When I began coaching, I had recently ended a five year relationship (that was preceded by a 20 year marriage). I was ready to date but overwhelmed by the concept of starting over. Laurie's coaching was invaluable.  It helped me with the logistics of presenting my best self (online and offline) as well as the emotional component of dating." 


"When I was real about my fears of re-entering the dating scene in a safe and supportive environment, I learned as much about myself outside the dating realm as inside it."

- Jennifer. Leesburg, VA.

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"Prior to coaching, I struggled with attracting the right men and my own self doubts.

I am a 51 year old single mom who has twins that are six years old. I had difficulty believing that there were men in my age range who would welcome a woman with young children. I told myself that most were empty nesters ready to travel the world -- and that isn't the stage of life I'm in.

But I know know there are plenty of men who are attracted to me and my life ... and I'm going on dates with so many of them!

My entire way of being and view of dating has shifted.

I know my power and understand how to use it to relate to men. I am forever grateful."

- Lauri. Bethesda, MD.