Abundant Love


  A relationship coaching experience designed to empower you to get clarity in your love life and attract the right man for you.

If you've struggled for years with dating, here's how to attract more quality dates and find your last long-term relationship.


Everyone asks, 
"Why are you still single?"


It's the worst question, isn't it? 

You want a relationship. And it's not like you haven't been trying. 

You've done online dating, downloaded apps, read some books and blogs, but none of it is working. At this point, thinking about dating stresses you out. Maybe you even go through spurts of dating and then take a break because the disappointment is just too much to handle. 


It's not your fault
you haven't met him.

We've been taught, "When the timing is right, I'll meet him."

And while there's truth in that statement, it can often encourage us to sit around and wait, becoming complacent in our love lives in the meantime.

Did you know that YOU control the timing of when you'll meet?

Over the last decade as a dating coach, I've noticed that most of my clients have a scarcity mindset when it comes to dating.

There are never enough men to date, or the guys they meet aren't the "right" types. They think things like, "I'm not sure I'll find a relationship." Or, "I've been single so long, maybe I'm simply meant to be alone." 

We even put roadblocks in our own way by thinking that meeting the right person will take a lot of time.

To create the relationship you've been dreaming about, shifting into abundance is key when dating. 

Imagine if you never questioned whether love was possible for you.

When I first started working with Laurie, I had been single for most of my life. I figured what I needed most were some tactical tips and techniques for successful online dating, but what I got through my work with Laurie was so much more than that. She helped me dig deep about what was really holding me back. For the first time in the 40+ years in my life, I feel that the things that have always seemed out of reach for me are possible, and that I have the power and belief in myself to build a life that I actually want. With Laurie’s coaching, I have been able to create the momentum to continue make positive changes in every aspect of my life.
— Megan

Abundant Love will change who you attract. 

In this program, you'll get to the root cause of your dating problems so you can change them for good. 

How would it feel if you didn't have to wonder if love would ever find you? That's a huge shift most women experience in Abundant Love. Not only do they know that their next relationship will happen ... but it can come quickly, too. Half of our clients who are in relationships from Abundant Love met their man within the first two weeks. 

things can shift in your love life quickly.


Here's what you'll learn through date coaching:

  • How to attract quality, emotionally-available men and create a deep connection with the right one.

  • Proven practices to feel worthy every day.

  • Exactly how to date online and attract the right men.

  • How to express your needs and desires without scaring him away.

  • How to shift fully into your feminine power in your love life.

  • How to make sure dating doesn’t get you down like it has in the past.

  • When — and how — to transition your dates with someone into a committed relationship.

  • Exactly how to recognize that you’re in the right relationship for you.

  • And many, many more real-life relationship skills!

I didn’t know how much I needed this program. I decided to give it a try based on my gut instinct. It has been life changing. My confidence has increased. I’ve revised my dating profile in a way that has been positively received. I’ve met men who are outside of the men I would have chosen in the past. They have accepted me as I am, at the weight I am. And I’m having fun dating. I no longer feel like I’m stuck in the dating process. I am so grateful for Laurie and this process.
— Jill

Your 3-Month Group Coaching Experience will make sure you're never alone in your love life again.


Your first week will kick off by identifying exactly what is holding you back from love. Then, each week you'll continue to break through your limiting beliefs and blocking behaviors, while also learning the how-tos of dating online and offline so you are ready to receive a healthy, long-lasting relationship into your life. 

And the success rate is high! Forty percent of the women who complete Abundant Love are in committed relationships. And you'll be next!


Here's what you'll get with date coaching:





You'll get access to powerful videos that comprise the essentials for creating change in your love life. This is the heart of the program, and are recorded on demand for you to watch at your leisure. From the ways your love life is blocked that you aren't aware of, to the exact tools to create momentum when dating, including how to hone your intuition for healthy relationships, you'll gain all the dating skills you need to effortlessly attract a man who’s worthy of you.

Abundant Love includes weekly Heartwork, Laurie's signature homework for your heart, to help you change the patterns holding you back and navigate your feelings about love. You'll learn the exact strategies that have worked for countless clients before you. These exercises will help you discover how to be your most authentic self both online and off, and you'll gain an understanding of what's been holding you back in your love life — and how to change it. 

As a relationship coach who has been helping clients find love for almost a decade, Laurie's made friends with coaches in other spaces of life, too. From tackling healthy habits to finding inspiration for your life overall, you'll receive access to special talks and never-before-seen interviews intended to help support you in your journey. You'll find that everything you do throughout this program will connect to all the other aspects in your life, and you'll see positive changes overall.

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the worthy one, TWO, worthy one, relationship coaching, laurie davis edwards, relationship help, dating coach, date coaching, relationship coaching, laurie davis, professional dating coach
the worthy one, TWO, worthy one, relationship coaching, laurie davis edwards, relationship help, dating coach, date coaching, relationship coaching, laurie davis, professional dating coach




Every month, you'll have the opportunity to get on a coaching call with Laurie one-on-one. For 30-minutes, you'll dive deep into what you've been working on the last month, and get direct and specific feedback on how to continue moving your love life forward. Since you'll come to your private coaching calls with a plan, you'll be able to take actionable steps immediately after you two hop off the phone. 

Every week, you'll receive an hour-long LIVE group-coaching call with Laurie and the intimate group of women in the program. During these sessions, you'll tackle the questions and challenges you have when meeting men head on. These calls are always recorded so you can listen back to the advice given to you and other women whenever you need extra support. These recordings will be accessible to you, always.

You'll get lifetime access to a safe, private community where you can share your experiences, get feedback, and receive support and advice from Laurie and other women just like you. This ensures that you're never alone at any stage of your love life ever again. You'll have access to advice from Laurie forever! We've found that the women in the community make lasting connections that exist IRL, too. 

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Change your love life today.

There is space for 20 women to be invited into this intimate space. I personally handpick each and every heart so you connect with each other on a soulful level.

Apply to join us if you are ready ...

... To up-level your life

... To Attract your forever love

... and To truly believe you are worthy of everything you desire.


You'll also get access to the Online Dating Master Class Series, a special bundle from our sister company.


eFlirt was founded by Laurie in 2009 and is focused on helping singles date online and create meaningful relationships offline. This bundle includes four courses with our tried and true dating resources that will propel your dating life forward, one actionable step at a time.

Write Your Best Profile Master Class (Retail Value: $497): 

Learn how to attract quality men with your profile, all while being your most authentic self. This video series will make sure your inbox fills up with messages from the right men for you to date.

Photos That Attract Master Class (Retail Value $349): 

After studying hundreds of thousands of profile photos, I know the exact science to which pictures will attract quality men. You’ll learn how to choose pictures with your ideal man in mind, and how to take new pics that will inspire him to message you.

How to Self Select Your Next Partner (Retail Value: $297)

This video will teach you the exact strategies for swiping and searching with heart, messaging matches to connect, and moving those dates offline so you can develop a real-life relationship.

How to Have the Best First Date (Retail Value: $497):

This video series is designed to help you learn how to connect better with the men you meet and feel more confident about yourself, leading him to ask you out on date number two.


Here's what successful clients have to say:

"Don't hesitate to take Abundant Love! It really helped me uncover my love for myself that has been buried deep inside. It is so much more than a 'how to' on how to find the right guy. It's about finding the love within yourself. Well worth it!"

Nancy, Chicago, IL

"Prior to coaching, I struggled with attracting the rights men and my own self doubts. I had difficulty believing that there were men in my age range who would welcome a woman with young children. But I now know there are plenty of men who are attracted to me and my life ... and I'm going on dates with so many of them! My entire way of being and view of dating has shifted. I know my power and understand how to use it to relate to men. I am forever grateful."



"Working with Laurie and the wonderful group of women participants in Abundant Love was a unique opportunity to be 'real' about my fears of re-entering the dating scene in a very safe and supportive environment I learned as much about myself outside the dating realm as inside it. I feel I learned so much in a very short time and still think about the lessons as I work through the challenges of finding my next soulmate."

Jennifer, Leesburg, VA

"If you are ready for to be honest with yourself and prepared to do some soul-searching about your dating life, this is definitely the group. Laurie's guidance is very relevant and insightful. The private community you join in this group is invaluable. You realize (and you probably already knew) that you aren't the only one facing these situations. This was a great experience and I very much enjoyed working with Laurie!"

LAURA, Alexandria, VA

Before I met Laurie, I was really discouraged with dating and being able to find someone who could truly love me. I was so focused on having certain qualities in my great guy that I didn’t realize that I was creating these limiting beliefs that actually prevented me from meeting the perfect guy for me. I was so selective in who I would let in. After working together, I was able to break down the walls I had created. I gave my “maybes” a fighting chance. A few months later I met my perfect “maybe”, and he’s been incredibly kind and generous to both me and my family. We’ve been dating for a few months now and continue to be going strong.
— Jade