What do you tell
yourself about
yourself when
no one else is



You know, it’s that inner-talk, the words you speak in your mind but don’t often say out loud.

  • Perhaps you say you’re not good enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough, not worthy.

  • Maybe you question if you’ll need to settle for less than you desire.

  • Or perhaps you are constantly overanalyzing every situation.

  • You may find that you judge other people or yourself a lot.

When our beautiful minds are filled with thoughts like these, we often think: I must have done something wrong that I ended up thinking so negatively. But you didn’t do anything wrong, love.

We’ve been taught we need to chase our dreams, rather than that we are powerful enough to manifest them. We’ve learned that love is limited and conditional, rather than infinite and inside of us.

Real Talk: Everything you
need is already inside of you.

I’m serious: It’s ALL there.

Maybe you’re not accessing the part of you that you most need right now.
Or perhaps you’re in tune with these parts of yourself, but don’t know what to do with it.
But it is there.

Those cruel thoughts aren’t who you are, they are simply a complex web that you are trapped within.

Let’s get you out.

What if instead of trying to “fix” yourself, you focused on accepting, respecting, and loving ALL of you?

This used to be my story, too.

I am intimate with the prison of scarcity.

I thought I had to work hard to be worthy of something.
I had more thoughts of what could go wrong than what might go right.
I couldn’t stop the constant worrying and stressing about the future.

It showed up especially in my relationships. I dated all the wrong men -- the emotionally unavailable ones, the ones who feared commitment -- but I didn’t know how to shift this pattern.

I finally met my incredible husband but even then, I was afraid to speak my truth. Would he leave if he really knew what I thought?

This was my unworthiness. And it was ugly, showing up in every area of my life.


You wouldn’t know it. I hid it so well.

I smiled no matter what.

This photo is a pretty good example. My husband and I were at the lowest part in our relationship and I had just set some hard core boundaries that I worried would end in divorce (though instead, they saved our marriage).

And I had the perfect, successful career and a thriving business.

Because when we feel unworthy, we become great at excelling professionally because we are constantly proving ourselves (to ourselves) and never satisfied with our achievements. Even they don’t feel “enough.”

It was fear that was driving my life … until it wasn’t. Until I shifted from scarcity to unconditional abundance inside of myself.

 I stopped looking for someone or something else to be the answer
and embraced that the answer
to everything WAS me.

Now …

I have an abundance of worthiness.
Time is my friend rather than something that feels scarce.
I trust with ease because I trust myself (and Spirit).
I know that vulnerability is my strength and letting others fully see me is the greatest gift I can give to myself.
I attract the right people and opportunities into my life without having to do much or try so hard.
I no longer overthink my way through life but rather, I feel the joy of my life and simply know what’s right and what’s not.
I’m so connected to my inner YES that I can’t follow anything that isn’t completely aligned.

What if everything wasn’t so difficult for you, too?


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