Abundant Love


  An empowering coaching program to transform your love life.

If you've struggled with relationships for years, here's how to attract sacred partnership once and for all.


Scarcity is at the core of
our modern-day love story.


think about it:

We worry if we’ll meet him, when it will happen, if love exists for us.
We question whether or not we need to settle.
We overthink and overanalyze because we’re don’t trust ourselves anymore.
We’re afraid of being vulnerable.
We wonder if he’ll leave.
We cling to our independence because control gives us the illusion of being safe.
We fear being alone.

It’s not your fault, love. You didn’t do anything wrong.

We’ve been taught we need to chase our dreams, rather than to manifest them. We’ve learned that love is limited and conditional, rather than infinite and inside of us. And now, that’s how we show up not just in romantic relationships but in all the others in our lives too … with our family, friends, colleagues, and beyond.

real talk: It is my belief that everything you
need is inside of yourself already.

Maybe you’re not accessing the part of you that you most need in your relationships. Or perhaps you’re in tune with these parts of yourself, but don’t know what to do with it.

But it is there.

What if instead of trying to “fix” yourself, you focused on engaging the abundance within?


The secret I’ve found is this:
Your love life begins with you.

For the last decade, I’ve coached over 1,000 women.

They are all unique, amazing people like you. Yet there is one thing that is true for them all: When they deepened their relationship with themselves, they attracted depth in all the relationships in their life.

They created healthy, committed romantic relationships.
They healed with family members.
They called in new friendships that felt like sisters.
They set boundaries with coworkers that supported their career.
And more.

As they’ve stepped into their hearts and allowed their desires to surface, they’ve seen shifts in other areas of their lives, too.

Some have gone on to create new businesses or change careers to live a life of passion.
Many have purchased homes or otherwise claimed their financial abundance.
They’ve designed social lives that are fulfilling.
And more.

In a world where love from another feels completely out of your control,
the extent to which you adore yourself is within your power.


 Abundant Love is a proven system
for getting to the heart of your heart.

Nearly 100 women have gone through this coaching experience before you and during this 3-month program, their lives have transformed. It’s your turn for all your desires to manifest.

How would it feel to know love exists for you … and to have it?

I’m speaking to you, the one who has been dating without results. And I’m talking to you, the woman who is married and fallen out of sync. No longer should relationship status divide us in society. What connects us is love, trust, and intimacy … with self first. That’s what gets results, no matter what the results you desire may be.

Half of the women who begin without a relationship meet someone by the end of the program. And for those who are in relationships from the start, they get clear on exactly what needs to shift so they can feel whole again.

things can shift in your love life quickly. Are you ready?

When I first started working with Laurie, I had been single for most of my life. I figured what I needed most were some tactical tips and techniques for successful online dating, but what I got through my work with Laurie was so much more than that. She helped me dig deep about what was really holding me back. For the first time in the 40+ years in my life, I am in a committed, loving relationship, and believe I have the power in myself to continue to build the life I want. With Laurie’s coaching, I have been able to create the momentum to continue to make positive changes in every aspect of my life.
— Megan

Through this radical self-love coaching program, you’ll:

  • Attract quality, emotionally-available people into your life

  • Stop overthinking your way through life and trust your intuition

  • Overcome your fears and doubts so you can live in calm and ease

  • See subconscious scarcity patterns that aren’t serving you and release them

  • Learn exactly how to recognize that you’re in the right relationship for you

  • Learn to express your needs and desires without scaring your partner away

  • Design new beliefs and behaviors that rewire your system to receive love

  • Learn how to feel worthy every day

  • Fully embrace your Divine Feminine power in your life

  • Begin living a life from true desire rather than pleasing others

  • Create rituals and practices so you’re always in control of your feelings and mindset

  • And many, many more real-life relationship skills!

I didn’t know how much I needed this program. I decided to give it a try based on my gut instinct. It has been life changing. My confidence has increased. I met men who were outside of who I would have chosen in the past. They accepted me as I am, at the weight I am. And now I’m in love with an amazing man! I am so grateful for Laurie and this process.
— Jill

Here's what you'll get:





Every week, you'll receive an hour-long LIVE group-coaching call with Laurie and the intimate group of women in the program. During these sessions, you'll get one-on-one coaching for your love life, tackling the questions and blocks that are presenting themselves so you can create abundance in real time together. These calls are recorded so you can listen back to the advice given to you and other women whenever you need extra love.

You'll get access to ten powerful, hour-long videos that comprise the essentials for creating change in your love life. This is the heart of the program, and are recorded on demand for you to watch at your convenience. From honing your intuition so you can trust yourself, to the ways your love life is blocked that you aren't aware of, to the exact tools to create momentum in a relationship, you'll gain all skills you need to consciously create a loving partnership.

Abundant Love includes weekly Heartwork, Laurie's signature homework for your heart, to help you change the patterns holding you back. You’re here to change your life, and the heartwork will guide you through the exact strategies that have worked for countless clients before you. These exercises will help you discover how to be your most authentic self, and how to show up centered no matter the circumstance or relationship.

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handcrafted abundant love ritual boxes


You’ll get access to a library of empowering meditations created specifically for Abundant Love members. These resources can be used any time to center yourself for whatever is needed in the moment. Whether you’d be served by getting out of your head and into your heart, dropping into gratitude, or feeling worthy, there’s a meditation to support you. These special recordings will always be available to you and your heart.

Keep an eye on your mailbox for care packages for your soul. You’ll be sent a special ritual box including sweet treats like essential oils and other goodies to support your new, high vibe life! Handcrafted with love, these snail mail surprises will allow you to focus on receiving and keep your body and mind experimenting with new ways of creating self care.

You'll get lifetime access to a safe, private community where you can share your experiences, get feedback, and receive support and advice from Laurie and other women just like you. This ensures that you're never alone at any stage of your love life ever again. You'll have access to advice from Laurie forever! We've found that the women in the community make lasting connections that exist IRL, too. 

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Change your love life today.

There is space for 20 women to be invited into this intimate space. I personally handpick each and every heart so you connect with each other on a soulful level.

Apply to join us if you are ready ...

... To up-level your life

... To Attract your forever love

... and To truly believe you are worthy of everything you desire.


Here's what successful clients have to say:

"Don't hesitate to take Abundant Love! It really helped me uncover my love for myself that has been buried deep inside. It is so much more than a 'how to' on how to find the right guy. It's about finding the love within yourself. Well worth it!"

Nancy, Chicago, IL

"Prior to coaching, I struggled with my own self doubts. I had difficulty believing there were men in my age range who would welcome a woman with young children. But I now know there are plenty of men who are attracted to me and my life ... and I'm going on dates with so many of them! My entire way of being and view of dating has shifted. I know my power and understand how to use it to relate to men. I am forever grateful."



"Working with Laurie and the wonderful group of women participants in Abundant Love was a unique opportunity to be 'real' about my fears of re-entering the dating scene in a very safe and supportive environment I learned as much about myself outside the dating realm as inside it. I feel I learned so much in a very short time and still think about the lessons as I work through the challenges of finding my next soulmate."

Jennifer, Leesburg, VA

"If you are ready for to be honest with yourself and prepared to do some soul-searching, this is definitely the group. Laurie's guidance is very relevant and insightful. The private community you join in this group is invaluable. You realize (as you probably already knew) that you aren't the only one facing these situations. This was a great experience and I very much enjoyed working with Laurie!"

LAURA, Alexandria, VA

Before I met Laurie, I was really discouraged with dating and being able to find someone who could truly love me. I was so focused on having certain qualities in my great guy that I didn’t realize that I was creating these limiting beliefs that actually prevented me from meeting the perfect guy for me. I was so selective in who I would let in. After working together, I was able to break down the walls I had created. I gave my “maybes” a fighting chance. A few months later I met my perfect “maybe”, and he’s been incredibly kind and generous to both me and my family. We’ve been dating for a few months now and continue to be going strong.
— Jade