What if I'm the only single woman in my social circle?

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Brunch in New York City is an institution. Even though I live in Los Angeles now, some of my fondest memories from my 10 years in the city are me and my girlfriends gabbing about our love lives over eggs benedict. 

"You guys, my boyfriend wants to move in together and I'm really scared of losing my independence," one friend said. 

"Every time I think a relationship is going to happen, the guy disappoints me. I don't know where to go from here," another shared.

It's the type of conversation we can't have with everyone ... but we need to have.

So when I opened the New York Times and saw that my client called my coaching program "like virtual brunch," I promptly decided to host an actual virtual brunch. Because the truth: Not everyone has a community of amazing single women they can connect with on the weekends.


I signed, sealed, and delivered Paperless Post invites to the entire community at The Worthy One. And then on Sunday morning, I put on my favorite dress, poured a mimosa (and encouraged you to bring your own), and got to share brunch with some pretty incredible women over video chat while my baby napped. 

We talked and coached about the non-commital men you're attracting, the ways you may be limiting yourself in love, how to create healthy boundaries in your love life, and the power of using your voice.

It reminded me that sometimes we're so afraid of getting hurt that we block ourselves from receiving love. 

Our pain is real. It shouldn't be diminished. But if we let it run our love life, our guard stays up and no one will be able to get beyond the walls we unintentionally built, the walls that we can't even see are so high.

What would happen if we owned our desires more, if we committed to vulnerability instead of fear, and did it in a space where we had support from other women? THIS is why I created Abundant Love

We as women need to heal in order to connect. And we need other women around us as we do. 

What would happen if we stopped saying, "I should be more open" and actually show up vulnerably as ourselves? It's something I'm experimenting with in my life too. Because even though I'm the coach, I'm always in the work with you.

Are you ready to open your heart too?

You're not alone. Join The Worthy One community for free now.

Laurie Davis