Why doesn't self care seem to work for me?

Self care is a term we love. It is the *doing* of caring for ourselves.

We want it to feel loving … but it doesn’t always. Maybe you’ve felt this before.

  • You go to the gym for self care, but compare yourself to everyone else while you’re there.

  • You schedule a mani/pedi, but the moment you leave, you lose your zen.

  • You binge on a show on Netflix saying its self care, but really it’s to disconnect from yourself rather than go within.

That’s not love, sweet one. It may be care, but not love.

The time you are setting aside in your calendar is a flirtation with the possibility of self love. It’s the flicker of hope. But it’s not that unconditional feeling.

Love is a feeling.


Plain and simple.

You don’t have to DO anything special to love yourself. You ARE what’s special.

When you’ve been with your own love long enough -- really luxuriated in your own love, drank in every drop, sat with your essence -- you know the exact vibration and frequency of yourself.

For me, it’s a consuming gentleness … an internal whisper, a caress, a tender and sweet feeling inside of my soul. It is a powerful anchoring that happens deep within.

If you don’t know yet what yours feels like, that’s ok. You have access to it. It’s there inside of you. It’s YOUR love that no one can take away and only you can feel.

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I won’t be teaching you anything. This is not a presentation. Rather, I’ll be guiding you through a powerful ritual of feeling yourself.

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Laurie Davis