Where do I meet successful men?

I have many conversations with women about their fear that their power is too much for men. They tell me ...


They want a man who makes more money than them.
They want a man who has a “successful” career.
They want a man who owns a home / boat / etc.

These preferences WILL NOT guarantee you a powerful man.

I know because I used to date men based on these preferences, too. I flirted with men who worked on Wall Street, were junior partners at law firms, and owned thriving, VC-backing companies.

They couldn’t hold me and all the power that I am.

Rather, my experience was that many of these men are emotionally unavailable.

They are overpowered by their power and consumed with their importance. The men with traditional “power jobs” that I dated got high on closing deals and working weekends. The partnership wasn’t with me, it was with his ego. He was married to his job and himself.

If you have been looking for men like this, I bet you landed here because you often wonder: “Where do I meet more successful men? There aren’t enough of them out there!”

But if you were to stop for a moment, and look openly at your experiences with these men, I bet you’d see that you want to meet more men like this because you have met some … and those relationships never worked out.

What would happen if you were with a man who directed his power and strength towards YOU?

My husband is a powerful man. AND he is open, vulnerable, and loving. His words speak to your soul. His charisma is genuine. He hears you but calls you on your bullshit.


This man holds me -- all of me. And I am a BIG woman, energetically. I can be in my full power with him, sharing all of me, not holding back.

He doesn’t work on Wall Street. 
He doesn’t make more than I do. 
He isn’t traditional in any way, really.

And that's glorious! It's something I didn't know I wanted.

Do you want a man who makes a lot of money or a man who can hold YOU are powerful? I ask because …

If you’re dating with these preferences, what you’re really saying is: I believe I’m too much for most men.

It’s what I believed, too. And we’re not.

Often, we see money as equaling stability and safety. But truly, deep down, most of the women I speak to want a man who protects them ... from themselves. 

It's the partner who will sit with you while you cry, and love you even more for letting him see you.
The partner who will cheer you on while your career is thriving, rather than be intimidated.
The partner who will support your growth, knowing the fullness of your soul before you do.
And on and on.

You don’t have to make yourself smaller or dim your light to have him.

Close your eyes and call in your fullest power. Take some deep breaths and get quiet. Ask yourself: What do I really desire from a partner?

It’s not the job. It’s not the money. What is it your heart really longs for?

Once you know, comment below and share with me. I’d love to hear your voice.

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Laurie Davis