How clear is your vision

for your love life?



My clients tell me all the time, “I don’t believe I can have it all.”

Have you said this too?

Usually, it's because pain lingers. You've been hurt by relationships, friendships, and maybe even yourself.

Perhaps it still stings when you think of how things ended with your ex. Or you can't believe your partner talked to you the way he did that one time. Maybe you are really upset with yourself for staying in a relationship for too long and wasting time. When we hold on to all of this, we can't see the future, or the way to get to it. 

Maybe you are clear on the facts of what you’d like in their life -- a husband, children, a more successful career, a house -- but a bunch of facts combined do not make a vision.

YES, you deserve a man who makes you laugh, someone who feels safe, a partner who is connected to his family and yours. But that’s the surface, it’s not the big vision to have and hold.

Do you know what you want you want and exactly how to get it, love?

Without a vision, we settle.

We cannot have everything we desire if we can’t envision it.

And that includes me. It includes every woman in a relationship, not just those who are single. No matter where you are in your love life journey, lacking a vision means you're at risk for disconnecting with your love life, and yourself. 

Reactivate the dreamer in you.



Have your dreams become small, love? 

It's easy for us to lose touch with our dreamer. We tell ourselves such damaging things every day. We have experiences that make us think we're shooting too high. We lose our grasp on what's possible. We see evidence that we can't have everything so we begin to believe that dreaming is silly.  

But truly, that's where the relationship you want begins: with you.

It's time to move release it, move past it, and embrace your bright, loving future that awaits. I learned this first hand recently.

Real talk: This year I realized there were a lot of ways I was settling in my marriage.

And it wasn’t his fault.

I say that because I spent a lot of time blaming him. Maybe you've done this too ... blamed everyone else. Your date. Your husband. It could even be your girlfriends for not being supportive.

Settling was something I was allowing into my life. I stopped seeing the vision and speaking my truth. I hadn’t set clear boundaries for what was ok with me and what wasn’t. When my husband did things I wasn’t ok with, I stayed silent because speaking up seemed scary -- the reaction was unknown. And I didn’t fully communicate my desires.

I was disconnected from what I wanted for myself, so how were either of us to know where to go in our relationship?

I let Thomas and I float along in our marriage without a real direction.

What happened is we drifted away from each other. The further we got, the more scared we both became. The current got stronger. What began as a gentle drifting progressed into drowning in rapids. We got further and further away from each other. Inside I was screaming and crying, reaching my arm out desperately but unable to touch him.

When we're focused on surviving, we stop thriving.

heal hearts cali.png

When I got crystal clear on my vision,
it happened. 

Now, Thomas and I have a vulnerable, loving, trusting relationship. Six months ago, none of that existed. We are still married today simply because I had a crystal clear vision ... and I had the strength to truly become my vision in reality. Whether you are in a relationship or not, you can create your future, too.

Do you know what you want and exactly how to get it, love?

Introducing Abundant Love Live, a weekend workshop for women who are ready to fully embrace love in their lives.



Whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is a sacred weekend for you to breakthrough your love blocks and create soul-level transformation. You’ll release your deepest fears and past pain, see your vision for the future, and learn the exact steps you need to take to move confidently towards it.

Here's The Process:



You’ll understand your own vulnerability, and how to connect on a deeper level with a man.

Being truly open and vulnerable in a relationship can be a challenge. Walls are up. Even when you want to, it’s difficult to fully let someone in.

It’s not your fault that you’ve been hurt before. Maybe you’ve hurt yourself, too. There’s a fear of history repeating itself. 

This weekend, you’ll learn to cherish your past pain – after all, it’s brought you to here today. You’ll stop beating yourself up. And you’ll let go.

You’ll forgive yourself and learn to love these parts of you. You’ll set yourself free so you can experience abundant love.



You’ll explore healthy attachment and see where you’re compromising.

In romantic relationships, many of us feel anxious. Will he stay? We feel like we need to control everything so he will. But often, it has the opposite effect, distancing him from you.  

What would happen if you had a breakthrough in your patterns?

 You’ll learn how to set healthy boundaries that are in the service of your heart. Sometimes these boundaries are with others – and often they are with yourself.  

When we break boundaries with ourselves – or don’t set them at all – we teach others that we don’t respect ourselves. And that simply isn’t true.  You’ll learn to act from your worthiness.


let love.

You’ll design your desires and take your first step in your new reality.  

Once you connect with abundance in your love life, there’s often the feeling of: Now what? What might I fill this space with? What’s possible? 

You’ll get clarity on your deepest desires. New visions will surface that you have yet to explore, too.

You’ll create a custom action plan to create the life you want to live.

You’ll be equipped with essential tools that will guide your next steps – things that will light up parts of your life that have been dormant, bring them back to life, and create abundant love.

In the past, I settled - even desperately clung to men - because he was “good enough,” because he liked and chose me and I might not get anything better. I thought, “Maybe this is as good as it gets for me.” Not anymore! Now I know what I need and want and I will not settle. I am empowered in my feminine!
— Jasmine
My entire way of being and view of dating has shifted.
— Lauri

The stage is set for transformation.

the riveter. MARINA DEL ReY, los angeles, ca


Abundant Love Live isn’t a lecture series with speakers and panels. It is an experiential workshop where you’ll be guided through one-of-a-kind processes that will create heart-opening breakthroughs. You’ll let go of the pain, the baggage, and the weight you’ve felt in your love life, so you are set up to create anything you desire.

100 powerful, big-hearted women will join you. Because you're not alone. It's so often on our journeys that we isolate. But not this weekend. You will receive an abundance of connection and acceptance. 

This all happens at The Riveter, a beautiful coworking and event space in Marina del Ray that empowers women to create powerfully in their lives. And you'll be about 10 minutes from the beach!

Our Schedule and Your Travel

friday: 6pm-10pm
saturday: 10am-7pm
sunday: 10am-7pm

If you are traveling into Los Angeles from out of town, we suggest you fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

For out-of-towners, we have reserved a discounted room block at Hotel MdR Marina del Ray -- a Doubletree by Hilton. Click here to book your room now. Our special rate is available until October 4, 2018. This property is a half mile from the beautiful marina, steps from restaurants and shops, and only a five-minute walk to The Riveter where the event will take place. Free parking and WiFi is included.


 What You’ll Learn:

  • How to create deeper connections with men than you’ll ever have

  • understand firsthand how you’re showing up in your relationships

  • how to stop beating yourself up and questioning everything

  • the secret to redesigning your life to attract love

  • how to feel worthy every day

  • forgiveness for yourself and others so you can move on from your past for good

  • understand where you’ve been compromising in your relationships (and take your power back)

  • how to create healthy boundaries

  • what your deepest desires are — and how to manifest them

  • and so, so much more!


Most weekend workshops cost over a thousand dollars … but not this one.

I’ve invested in many weekend workshops myself But the typical price point didn’t feel right for me.


I’m purposefully keeping this event as affordable as possible for you because ...

You deserve to have everything you desire.
You deserve to heal.
You deserve to create a love life that makes you swoon every day.
You deserve to have a community of women who will lift you up.
You’re not alone.

It's time, love. Your future awaits. 

If this is an experience you desire, you get to have it.

How much longer will you let life just happen to you? I waited two years to re-engage my vision, two years to have my dream. 

Let's not let it be that long for you.  Join us at Abundant Love Live now. 


You’ll Be Cared For By Our Generous Sponsors:

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Laurie helped me identify the difference between my fear and my intuition and it’s been an invaluable tool to create connection with my boyfriend.
— Debbie
I was feeling pure hopelessness and burnout about my love life. Now, I feel much more calm, clear, and confident in what I need and want in a man. I updated my dating profile with Laurie’s masterclass method and I met a man on Bumble who positively raved about all the little details I stressed about posting in my profile. And most importantly, we are now happily dating.
— Kelley