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What is the Abundance Elevated Membership?


You've spoken your desire to move towards your next relationship — and have support as you do.

Developed by popular demand, Abundance Elevated is now a three-month membership program so you'll never be alone in love again.

This is exclusively for women who have gone through Abundant Love ... and that's you!


As a member, you'll get:

  • Biweekly LIVE lessons and group-coaching calls over Zoom: You’ll continue to get the same, intimate group-coaching experience twice a month that will consist of a short lesson (meaning new content for you!) and a Q&A to follow, live.

  • Access to our brand new material: In 2018 our goal was to create a brand new Abundant Love experience without losing the integrity of our core program. And since you (yes, YOU!) have been with us since the beginning, we wanted to give you the opportunity to continue to grow and up-level your life, as we do the same on our end.

  • Forever access to the Abundant Love program: We’ve recently moved the Abundant Love program over to a new system, so should you sign up for Abundance Elevated, you’ll get access to that new membership space, which will include all new updates that we have lined up for the next installment of Abundant Love.

  • Access to eFlirt Extras, a special bundle from our sister company, eFlirt: You’ll notice that some of these resources are familiar and bonuses that you’ve received, and a few may be new to you, as our gift. The bundle includes four courses with our tried and true dating advice that will propel your dating life forward, one actionable step at a time.


The Abundance Elevated Membership is right for you if...


You want support so you're never alone. 

You want to continue moving towards the right relationship. 

It's easy to accidentally get stuck. You have the best of intentions, but it still feels scary to take the next step, whether in your dating life or in a budding relationship. This is right for you if you don't want to waste anymore time in love limbo.

You've done a lot of work on yourself and the patterns that limit yourself in Abundant Love. You dug deep! Do you feel that shift? If you're ready to own your desires and claim your future with the right man, this is the next step for you.


As a member of Abundant Love, this is a special offering for you only. And it's a massive deal. My private clients pay thousands of dollars per month for coaching! You'll get three months for a fraction of that investment.

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"I used to pick all the same people online. It wasn't working. Coaching helped me do what you're supposed to do in a relationship, which is feel more than think. Now I'm in a relationship and we've been together for two years now!"


" I've uncovered love for myself that has been buried deep inside. Coaching with Laurie is so much more than a "how to" on how to find the right guy. It's about finding the love within yourself, too." 


"My confidence has increased. I've met men who accepted me as I am, at the weight I am. And I'm having fun dating. I no longer feel like I'm stuck in the dating process."