I'm Laurie.

The first thing you need to know about me:

My greatest fear is that I'm not good enough.


It's this little voice in the back of my head that says, You're not smart enough, or pretty enough. You don't deserve that. Your relationship will never work because you’re too intense.

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Though this fear is exactly that — a fear — I have to say it’s done some amazing things for my career.

I’ve lived my life needing to prove to myself that I was worthy, so I’ve worked directly with CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as early as 21, brokered impossible deals, like securing Sir Richard Branson as the keynote for an event. I managed, performed off-off Broadway, getting glowing reviews from Variety Magazine, and started my first company with only $50 and a Twitter account.

My fear has always propelled my professional life forward, and fast. But that doesn’t mean it was healthy. I felt like I always needed to prove myself so I was a major perfectionist and never felt settled.

However, when it came to my dating life, I felt unsettled. The fear of not being good enough held me back in relationships, keeping me stuck. I second guessed myself constantly, settled for less than I was worth, and even withheld parts of me from men because I was afraid that they wouldn’t want to be with me if they knew who I really was. While I had many long-term relationships, none of them felt complete. Men prioritized other things in their life more than our relationship — it felt like each man of the moment always had one foot ready to run.


Until I realized I was worthy of more.


Kevin and I moved from Boston to Boulder together on our one-year anniversary in 2001. It was a leap of love. Moving in together melded our lives in a way I'd never experienced before; we relied on each other fully, planting roots together in a new city where we knew no one.

But something was missing. After eight months, I realized I didn’t love living in Colorado. Wanting to explore this feeling with Kevin, I said, "I'm not sure if I love Boulder." He immediately got defensive and shut down.

If you move, we’re done. Tell me what you decide.

We slept silently next to one another, never speaking about it (or anything, really) again, even when we sat together in the car with nothing else to listen to but the radio. I cried on the phone to my mother, asking why he would suddenly shut me out. I was just stating an observation, not making an ultimatum. It felt like all my fears of not being good enough came true.

Like a record on repeat, I told myself things like, I'm not good enough for a long-distance relationship, and, I don't deserve a partner who wants to talk about my feelings. I truly believed that my feelings were too much for someone else, and that I should’ve kept them to myself.

After three days, the record scratched on these stories that were playing in my mind and I realized none of it was true.

In fact, I deserved MORE. I was worthy of a man who saw our relationship as one of the most important things in his life. Kevin didn't. So he wasn't for me.

Saying goodbye to our relationship was surprisingly easy because I saw I was worthy of more. He even came crawling back to me, promising he'd make us work, no matter what. But I said no, knowing I deserved unconditional love.


I spent the next few years focused on dating from a place of worthiness.

Knowing that you're a worthy woman is one thing; embodying it every damn day is another.

Over time, I morphed from a woman who constantly questioned whether she was good enough, to one who knew she deserved every desire she had.

I began to notice that whenever I questioned my worth, so did the men I attracted. When I worried if I was good enough, I’d meet men who saw me as disposable, someone who was only worthy of a fling. There were moments when dating felt like a struggle, but I recognized exactly where that struggle was coming from — within myself.

Because whenever I felt completely worthy, I attracted quality men who treated me well, and were fully committed to our relationship together. They came into my life easily, and the right relationships manifested.


Truly owning my worth is what led me to my husband, Thomas.

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We’ve been together for nine years, and recently added more love to our family in the form of our baby girl, Ellie.

I’ve been a dating coach for even longer — almost a decade. I started my first company, eFlirt, in 2009. Since then, my staff and I have written thousands of dating profiles and coached clients to committed relationships. More than 150 of them are married now. My advice has been featured in more than 500 media outlets, and I wrote a best-selling book. (I told you, #overachiever!)

Through coaching, I noticed that many clients were struggling with the same things I did when I was single. They’d say things like, “He probably didn’t text me back because he met someone better.” Or, “I guess I wasn’t pretty enough for him.” And it wasn’t just the fear of not being good enough that came up for people. Others were afraid of trusting someone, afraid they’d be alone forever, afraid of being abandoned, or afraid they were unlovable.

And like me, when my clients felt fear, it changed who they attracted. They could have the most amazing profile and photos uploaded, but without getting to the heart of the fear they harbored, it would stop them from developing the relationship they desired.


the worthy one, TWO, worthy one, relationship coaching, laurie davis edwards, relationship help, dating coach, date coaching, relationship coaching, laurie davis, professional dating coach

I've made it my mission to help them create breakthroughs in all these love blocks they were experiencing.

I’ve gone on to complete more training as a transformational coach so I can coach deeper, guide my clients to more insight, and share the intricacies of the law of attraction with them.

I’m also trained in many energy healing modalities because to me, it’s about what serves the client. My approach is a unique mix of modalities to support my clients on all levels — emotional, physical, intellectual, energetic, and etherial levels.

The hundreds of women I’ve coached have had the most amazing transformations in their lives.

They attract the right men — and quickly with ease. They fall in love, and have healthy, happy, committed relationships.

And the rest of their life changes, too.


Imagine a life where you feel completely worthy. What would happen if you stopped questioning yourself... and others?

Yes, you’ll attract love, but you’ll also manifest anything else you want in your life. You’ll become so incredibly powerful at receiving what you desire, whether it’s a promotion or a new job, a beautiful home, or whatever else you dream up.

But it begins with love.

If you’re here, you’re ready. I believe love is only moments away for you.

Do you?