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You aren't Meeting the Right Men, online or off

You've tried everything — joined dating sites, read the latest relationship book, go to singles events — and no matter what you do, you seem to attract the wrong men. Sometimes, when you come home from a date, you feel like you should have just stayed in and watched Netflix instead. 

It's takinG too Long to find the love you want

It feels like you're wasting your time one swipe or date at a time. No matter what goals you set for your dating life, you can't reach them. Time keeps slipping away. You wonder how it's possible that you've achieved so much in life, but a loving, committed relationship still eludes you. 

A committed relationship is what's missinG

You've got a fulfilling career, an amazing group of friends, and a beautiful home. You know that you're ready for healthy, happy relationship. You want someone to come home to, share your day with, and take to dinner parties on the weekends. But you're not sure how to get there.


The problem isn’t you.

Here's what you need to know:

There are (more than just a few) great men left. 

You can attract the type of man you desire, even if you’re not doing this right now. He still exists.

Settling is not an option.

You deserve more than you’ve ever had before, period. Don’t let anyone else — even yourself — tell you otherwise.

When you commit to yourself, he’ll want to commit to you, too.

When you feel and own your worth, the right person will be able to rise above and meet you where you are for a truly equal partnership.

You are full of feminine power.

What you need to attract an amazing man is already inside of you.

You didn’t do anything wrong.

You are enough the way you are, and a man will love you for you.

What women are saying...

"Coaching with Laurie was a unique opportunity to be real about my fears. I learned as much about myself outside the dating realm as within it."

~ Jennifer, Leeburg, VA



"After coaching with Laurie, I met an amazing man. We’ve been together over three years now — and still going."

~ Iris, Chicago, IL

"I feel like I have more power and control now, so I did meet somebody. I met myself."

~ Debbie, Brooklyn, NY