Hello, beautiful.
You’re here because
you’re seeking
something, right?


Maybe you want a loving, committed partner.

Or perhaps you’re ready for clarity on a relationship you’re unsure of still.

Maybe something doesn’t feel right in your life, and you’re not sure why.

Or you don’t understand why you can be so powerful in your career, but feel different in your personal life.

Whatever you’re seeking:
The answer is YOU.

Everything you need is within yourself, love. You may not be accessing your fullness yet. But it’s there and you are the one who holds the answers to whatever you desire.

Together, we will create clarity from the fog and enliven your intuition.

Photo Credit: Summer Hokulani Engman

Photo Credit: Summer Hokulani Engman

I am here to be your guide.

I am your soul’s activator, your wake up call, your spirit’s messenger, your heart’s healer. I will help you understand what’s right for you -- now and forever.

There isn’t one answer you’ll find, but a new relationship with yourself that you’ll create so you always know what’s right for you.

I am not your expert, guru, or savior. I am here to hold you in your experience and support you, not do it all for you.

You will be the one who saves herself, rebirths herself, loves herself. No one can do that for you -- and no one should.

This is your awakening, worthy woman.

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What women are saying...

"I see how truly powerful I am now, and that the more I celebrate that, the stronger I am."




"I uncovered my magnificent intuition, altered my relationship to time (and my fear that it’s running out), and discovered the incredible power of my feminine."

~ sara, new york city, ny